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Social psychology and bullying in society today

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How can social psychology relate to bullying in schools today? Bullying is becoming a major issue in schools today and is not only done in the hallways, but online as well.

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Bullying is a major issue in schools today. When someone is different than the other children, they can often be called names, pushed around, or even assaulted. These children are often told to go kill themselves, that they are worthless, among other things, which can make the child depressed and feel alone. So many times, teachers, administrators, and even parents look the other way when they encounter a child bullying another child. Some may say, "It's just kids being kids", or "boys will be boys", some times ...

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Bullying is a major issue in schools today. Bullying is often done by other students, teachers, and even administrators and other school staff. Bullying is not only done at school, but outside school and online as well. This discussion goes into further detail about bullying in public schools.