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Influences of conformity and obedience

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Assist with writing an answer in which a person evaluates the effect of group influence on the self with an analysis from a contemporary example.

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Conformity and Minority influence

Humans are social beings. As such, we want to fit into society, certain social groups and settings, and for the most part get along and build relationships with each other. It feels quite natural to do so. Therefore, in group settings we feel obligated and pressured to conform to the values and standards of cliques and groups (Blass, 2004). group. That said; however, our society for a large part 'dictates' to us what we should and should not do, what we can and cannot do, and what is normal versus what is not. Still today, certain religions still dictate to its members what they should and should not do. Though they are not punished per say (except shunned from the church), most would never entertain the idea of thinking and acting 'outside the box.' To many, it is better and easier to conform.

The pressure to fit in is very powerful to those who tend to be 'followers' instead of 'leaders.' Particularly, if we are lonely or alone we have very low self-esteem and need to have others around us to be happy. There is a constant quest or journey to fit in, and conform to society for fear of being labeled or perceived as bad, deviant or abnormal. Such terms of course are all relative. One example that everyone is familiar with ...

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