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Obedience and conformity

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Description of a situation in which either conformity or obedience can be increased or decreased in order to promote positive social change. Give at least three specific ways of addressing conformity or obedience in the situation and describe the intended results.

What are the motivations to obey or conform, and how do those in authority positions create these motivations?

How can obedience or conformity be minimized?

How can prejudice resulting from conformity be reduced?

How can the increase or decrease of obedience or conformity promote positive social change?

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Obedience's and conformity's positive and negative consequences are demonstrated.

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This occurs when an individual compliances to the set rule and standards. The behavior of the individual tends to be inline with the socially acceptable norms and conventions. The conformity force is a powerful force that has been known to cause the high rates of peer pressure in the social realm. This is by virtue that conformity holds the high tendency of making an individual to align with the attitude, beliefs and behavior of those people in their social setting. Conformity leads to the creation of a subtler unconscious influence to a person to adopt or adapt the social pressure that they experience in life (Conformity, 2011).


This is the act of submissiveness to the rules and orders of the authority. Obedience can be placed in the form of respect for the position of the authoritative figure. It enables the persons in the society to appreciate the virtue of agreeing with the governing principles that have been put in place. In the security system in a nation, people are to obey the rules that have been placed to protect them from any internal or external danger. The government has established to rules that are to be followed by the citizens. Positive social change is established and maintained when citizens obey the rules and reduce the acts of conforming to unlawful attitudes. To attain this people have to correspond their behavior with that of the government.

Three specific ways of addressing conformity and obedience:

To address conformity and obedience in the nation, the ...

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