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Conformity and obedience

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What is the relationship between conformity and obedience?

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Conformity is defined as a change in behavior that results from real or perceived group pressure. Obedience is an extreme form of conformity often involving going against one's better judgement or truest intentions. Conformity and obedience both involve following someone who is seen as a "leader". Conformity can result from subtle unconscious influences or direct and overt social pressure. Obedience is more likely to occur as a result of direct social pressure. Both can take place within groups or among individuals.

People frequently conform in order to achieve a sense of security within a group- typically a group of one's peers with similarities in age, cultural background or educational status. Any unwillingness to conform carries with it a very real risk of social rejection. In this respect, conformity can be seen as a safe means of avoiding bullying or ...

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