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    Positive social change through conformity or obedience.

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    Offer a brief description of a situation in which either conformity or obedience can be increased or decreased in order to promote positive social change. Provide at least three specific ways of addressing conformity or obedience in the situation and describe the intended results.

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    Brehm, Kassin & Fein (1999) define conformity as the tendency to change our behavior, opinions and perceptions to fit in with the norms of the group. Obedience is a change in behavior which is produced by authority's commands.

    Throughout the course of history individuals have been influenced by others in order to change societal views. A good example of conformity is the woman's suffrage movement. A small group of women wanted to be able to vote for the leaders of their country, they felt it was unfair that only men could vote. Once the idea formed it was only a matter of time before a group was established. Then other women got involved and the movement rapidly grew until women earned the right to vote in the United States at the end ...

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    This solution is comprised of over 450 words including references on how conformity and obedience can promote positive social change. Includes examples of different situations where conformity and obedience has occured to bring change to a social setting.