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Social influence and Behavior

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1. Please provide a real-life example of informational social influences impacting a person's decision or behavior. Provide a real-life example of normative social influences impacting a person's decision or behavior. Can the influence of conformity, compliance, or obedience be decreased? How would this impact the situations you identified?

2. In what ways can social influence have a positive impact on behavior? Provide examples to support your response.

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1.Informational social influence - this is when we are influenced by others through the phenomena of "maybe they know something better than we know". The information others have may give us a positive payoff i.e. improve our reputation, inclusion in the group

- An example: You are a tourist in a foreign country like Russia. You would like to try local foods and would like to go to a good restaurant. Since you don't know anyone and do not know the language or culture well, you will use the information from others (strangers) to influence you. Therefore, you look around and ask a few passer-by strangers where is a good place to eat. You notice that most people are pointing to a busy restaurant across the street. There are other restaurants beside ...

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This solution provides examples of different kinds of social influences such as informative social influence and normative social influence.