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    HR Administration in Public & Private Sector

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    Discuss in detail:

    What are the similarities and differences between HR administration in the public and private sector?

    What impact do those differences have on the practice of HR administration?

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    According to Joinson (2000), public sector employment in the past are far from being associated with the terms "innovation" and "empowerment" and most of the public employees have don't have a high level of job satisfaction. The gap between public and private sector employment has been minimized due to the rising public expectations and a higher sense of accountability to the public to which they serve. The HR public sector is now willing to innovate and may eventually motivate people to work for the government.

    Both public and private HR administrations undergo a series of steps and processes in the hiring and recruitment procedures. However, HR processes (hiring, recruitment, promotion) in the public sector are more rigid compared with those in the private sector. In the public sector there are many forms to fill up which will be signed by many high ranking officers which may not be situated in the same building. The forms have to be signed in every step that the applicant undergoes until he or she is finally hired.

    The change in work rules or the launching of special projects and other personnel programs in the public sector can be slow and delayed ...

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