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    Balanced Scorecards and Performance Management

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    Provide a brief description of the organization in which you are familiar with that is relevant to performance measurement. Does this organization use the balanced scorecard? If the organization does not use the balanced scorecard, how might the organization use elements of the balanced scorecard? If the organization does use the balanced scorecard, do you think it is used effectively? Explain your response.

    How would you define and subsequently measure success of an enterprise-level initiative in a global private sector organization or major public sector agency? Provide an example of a real-world situation to support your argument.

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    The organization with which I am familiar with is the company I work for. The company makes and markets electrical lathes. This organization does not use the balanced scorecard. Performance measurement in my company takes place on two levels. In the first level the team to which an employee belongs is evaluated. In the second level, the individual performance is evaluated by the immediate supervisor of the person.
    My company can use the balanced scorecard effectively by using criteria that are from each of the four different perspectives. For example, during the performance evaluation of each team ...

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    This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of the application of balanced scorecard in an electrical lathe making company. The response also contains the sources used.