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    Strategic Assessment of a Health Care Organization

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    Using the Balanced Scorecard or the strategic readiness tool, write a paper on strategic assessment of a health care organization. After your assessment is complete, be sure to include the recommended actions you suggest the health care leadership team take as a result of your assessment.

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    //Before doing a strategic assessment of the concerned healthcare organization with the help of a balanced scorecard, we need to understand the meaning and importance of a balanced scorecard in business. We start with an introduction of this technique as under heading below; for example: //

    Balanced Scorecard is a system administration tool. It is considered vital for an organization as it helps in knowing the overall productivity and performance of an organization. This tool administers the overall functioning from the outlook of client, inner business development, monetary processes and culture & growth (Kotler, 2002).The strategic assessment of a

    //The assessment of the organization is done under three different headings including the financial, customer and internal operations of the business. I have tried to offer as much information as possible on all the three domains. You may add more points if you want to. //

    Health Care Organization is done under three domains:

    1. Financial Perspective - After assessing the financial performance of a healthcare organization, the subsequent deductions can be made on the basis of studying the following:

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