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Multilateral Environmental Agreements

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Describe how multilateral environmental agreement (MEA) regimes develop over time, paying attention to actors, institutions, laws/norms, and processes.

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The expert describes how multilateral environmental agreements regimes develop over time.

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Over the course of their history, MEA regimes or multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) and their institutions (secretariat and conference of the parties) have steadily increased in number. The purpose of these agreements is to create "an intergovernmental document". These documents are to serve as legally binding agreements that primarily attempt to prevent and/or manage human impacts on natural resources. The caveat to why these agreements were created is that the era when they emerged didn't or couldn't have foreseen the problems and environmental issues that exist in the 21st century as MEA regimes really began in 1972. The initial focus was squarely placed upon the conservation and management of natural resources, both living and nonliving but today ...

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