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    Unethical In/Actions in Business

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    Unfortunately, the recent news in the business world over the last several years has been well-documented with examples of illegal and unethical business dealings; some involved practicing unethical accounting processes, as well as situations that involved public figures from various genres caught performing various questionable activities. From a philosophical and theoretical point of view, do you feel that individuals holding positions of power or influence should be held to higher levels of accountability for their unethical actions or inactions?

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    Ethics is defined by Certo (2000) as our concern for our good behaviour; our obligation not only for our own personal well-being but also that of other human beings. In business, it is the capacity to reflect on values in the corporate decision making process, to determine how these values and decisions affect various stakeholder groups, and to establish how managers can use these observations in day-to-day company management.

    In the government, ethics involves rules and guidelines about right and wrong behaviours for a host of different groups, including elected leaders, elected representatives, political staff, and public servants. Basic questions related to this include: Should a public official be able to hire his/her own company to work for the government? Should elected representatives ...

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    The unethical in/action in business is examined. The higher levels of accountability is determined.