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    Changes in business ethics, opinion

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    Which dimension do you think has influenced the biggest changes in business ethics over the last decade? Has it been:

    Individually unethical persons?
    More complex situations without sufficient guidelines?
    Inadequate laws?
    Unreasonable organizational goals?

    Offer your opinion and substantiate it with at least one example.

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    My opinion will be just that, mine, but I hope it will give you some guidelines as to forming your own.

    I highly doubt that individually unethical persons influenced the changes in business ethics over the past decade. There is most likely the same number of unethical persons now as there were ten years ago, proportionately. They are just more visible due to the advances in technology. Not only are more caught in unethical business practices, but it is wider spread as general knowledge where once it was possible to hide such actions.

    Do we have more complex business situations? Yes, definitely. Are the guidelines insufficient? Probably. Is that an influence on business ethics? I doubt it. No matter how insufficient guidelines might be, wrong is still wrong and right is still right. Ethics are formed within the individual based on their personal values and overall value system. ...

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