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Government and Corporations

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I need help with the following questions. I'm not looking for a paper, but 2-3 paragraphs per question to help me get a better idea on how government plays a role in CSR.

-Do governmental CSR policies assist consumers or organizations? In what ways?
-Do governmental policies differ throughout the world? In what ways?
-In what ways do politics shape the regulation of businesses?

Please provide at least 3 scholarly references. Please be in-depth to provide me with a good start.

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Step 1
Governmental social responsibility assists consumers and organizations. When the government makes laws that protect the rights of consumers it assists them (a). For example, companies cannot make false claims in advertisements. Also, firms are compelled by government regulations to make disclosures on packages of certain goods.

Government CSR policies also assist organizations. They help organizations by making their financial reporting more transparent. CSR policies make organizations more sustainable and effective. For example, laws and regulations that disallow discrimination in the workplace make organizations more sustainable.

Step 2
Government policies differ throughout the ...

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