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    Solicitation Strategies

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    1. Can you compare (similarities and differences) solicitation strategies for foundations, corporations, and government entities. Also can you describe the strategies you are comparing and key steps in each?
    2. Can you explain/provide a couple insights about solicitation strategies based on your comparison?

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    Please find help and some guidelines related to solicitation strategies.

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    Answer 1.
    Solicitation strategies for corporations are family, friends and investors, which think that the business idea is great and will pursue a good return in future. In this, family and friends have natural reason to invest due to good relationship, while investors get attracted due to potential profitability. Case statement, target marketing and start with individual solicitation (generally with phone and in person solicitation) are the major steps of this strategy (Jordan & Quynn, 2009). On the other hand, foundations use grants, subsidies and donations as the solicitation strategies for fund raising as they are non-profit entities and cannot approach the investors as easily as corporations. Identify potential ...

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    The solution provides guidelines and notes for comparing solicitation strategies for foundations, corporations, and government entities. Also, some insights about solicitation strategies are provided.