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    Comparing E-Procurement Management Process

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    1. Go to each of the following sites:

    ● Kentucky e-Procurement (www.eprocurement.ky.gov) or (http://finance.ky.gov/services/eprocurement/pages/default.aspx)

    ● North Carolina e-Procurement (www.eprocurement.nc.gov)

    Familiarize yourself with the way each state is handling the contract management process. Compare the two and discuss differences. Relate the practices of one state to each of the following:

    ● vendor search
    ● requests for proposals
    ● involvement of various types of vendors
    ● negotiations
    ● other elements of contract negotiations

    2. Consider the steps of the contract management process (procurement cycle): procurement planning, solicitation planning, solicitation, source selection, contract administration, contract closeout or termination. Consider how making an error or miscalculation in each of the phases could affect overall project goals.

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    //The process of contract management is different in every state of the country as it is adopted by giving due consideration to the various environmental factors prevailing in the state. In this context, the contract management of Kentucky and North Carolina has been evaluated in order to highlight the differences between the two processes. In addition to this, the e-procurement practices of Kentucky, like vendor search and negotiations, have also been highlighted in the following section.//
    Contract Management Processes
    The process of contract management involves managing planning and executing the contract in such a way that it improves the financial and operational performance of the project. It also helps in the reduction of the various financial risks, but is a very time-consuming process (Marczely & Marczely, 2002). The contract management process adopted by Kentucky comprises of different elements. It has made some criteria for the legal aspect of different contracts, such as the formation of a formal relationship with the help of filling a form of contract. The contractors need to give their details before entering into any contract, and the proper purchasing process has to be followed by the people involved in the contract, in order to procure goods. The standard process of purchasing adopted by the government of Kentucky for the contract agencies includes requisitioning, bid solicitation, receipt, evaluation and the award of contract (Kentucky Finance & Administration Cabinet, 2015). These legal requirements are different in the case of the contract process adopted in North ...

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    The response addresses the query posted in 943 words with APA References