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    Ethics affects the four functions of management at Starbucks

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    Explain how ethics affects the four functions of management in the organization Starbucks. Include a specific example and cite a minimum of one source.

    Explain how managers can use delegation to manage the different factors and functions at Starbucks. Write summary.

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    Q) How ethics affects the four functions of management in the organization.

    To examine this matter we will go to the fact why a company does has to behave ethically. The reason we will enumerate here are that:

    i) it improves the company's internal atmosphere; ii) the ethical behavior of the management impels the employees to follow; iii) and employees inculcate a sense of pride for being employed in a company which has a good image in the public.
    The organizational ethics comprises of social disregard, obligation, responsibility and responsiveness.

    We have to examine here whether StarBuck functions within the ambit of these ethical issues while practicing the four good management principles of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. To succeed in business every company must observe these four elements of the management despite having conducted all other parts of the theory perfectly.

    (A specific example and management practices - Leading and controlling)

    To answer this question we will see what does StarBucks has to say about it.

    The company believes that for its success it has to conduct the business ethically by doing right thing. By this the company means that it reflects their culture and reputation as it extends resources to the partners take ethical decisions at the work.
    The ethical programs facilitates the awareness materials including the "Standard Business Conduct, legal compliance, ethical training , examining sensitive issues which may have the potentiality of causing conflicts of interests and apprise partners avenues for voicing concerns. Not only that partners are encourage to raise their issues , concerns to the above program through any of the communication channels already provided.

    Star Buck considers its employees as partners and treats also in the same way and manner.
    It has been observed that the reports received at the Business Ethics and Compliance machinery relates to employee relations. I t may be noted ...

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