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Business Ethics in an Airline

A mechanic for an airline company discovers a serious issue with the instrument wiring. The mechanic alerted the proper channels within the company so that once the Federal Aviation Administration is notified the airlines whole fleet would be grounded. The airline choose to do the right thing and notify the FAA and also ground there fleet. Using the Normative Ethics describe the ethics of this situation in context of the benefits and cost to the airline for taking the action for proper reporting and grounding their planes.

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The normative ethical theory is based on the premise of what a company, person, or society should do, and the moral, proper way to live our lives. In this case, the company acted justifiably from a normative ethics standpoint. The proper choice was to ground the fleet due to the danger present. If the airline wouldn't have grounded the fleet, we ...

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This solution explains the actions the mechanic should take, according to the normative ethical theory. A complete discussion is provided. Includes 2 references.