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Legitimate Justification for the Organization's Actions

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The issue of right and wrong has always been open to debate and scrutiny. In people's private lives, it is open to interpretation and is quite subjective. However, in the business world, there is not that individual definition of right and wrong, at least there should not be. Reflect back on your professional life and recall any time you can identify when, in your own opinion, your organization may have done something unethical. Please do not state or specify the name of the business, just the incident. Then, support your opinion with some research to substantiate your assertations.

Search the library and the Internet for information pertaining to the ethical violation made by your organization, past or present, and be sure not to identify the organization. See if this incident has occurred in other organizations; give 2 examples and their outcomes.
Can you think of any legitimate justification for the organization's actions with 2 examples? Explain.

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An incident that will form part of this report is that which happened among the employees of an airline company in one of the countries in Asia. Because of some unsettled issues between the employees' association and the management, many pilots resigned, while many other employees did not report for work, causing many disruptions in the airlines' operations, adversely affecting the company's financial condition. In the end, many employees were not reinstated while the airlines decided to outsource its human resource needs.
Ethics is defined by Robbins and Coulter (2004) as rules and ...

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