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Employee involvement in employment relations

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Identify the methods through which employees are involved with the employment relations process. Do employees have a legitimate say in the organisation's decisions, or have employers simply manipulated employees into believing they have a say?

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In today's business world the human resource is the most valuable resource that exists. It is the difference between successful businesses and failing businesses.

In successful ...

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Opinion on whether employees have a legitimate voice in decision making within a business.

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full time employment implications

At one time the phrase full-time meant that workers received whatever benefits the employing company had to offer. Part-time employees were generally excluded from benefits. Since many companies are scaling back on benefits to full-time employees, the line between part-and full-time is certainly beginning to blur. Since many new youthful workers are not concerned about retirement, they are not overly interested in pension or even health care plans. There is a real danger for the employee that operates with this shortsightedness. Other companies are requiring that newly hired workers remain on the job for a length of time (3-6 months) before benefit packages kick in.

1. How do the changes taking place in the kinds of benefits workers receive affect the employment relationship?

2. What implications do these changes have for employee motivation and involvement in an organization?

3. What lessons should people seeking jobs learn from the experiences of these employees?

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