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Employee Rights, Responsibilities, Involvement

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1. Explain the concepts of employee rights and responsibilities to include: due process, duty of diligence, duty of obedience, duty of loyalty, and employment-at-will.

2. List at least four employee involvement strategies and describe how each contributes to organizational performance.

3. Explain the difference between arbitration and mediation and describe the employment situations in which each may be applied.

Need some help and need 3-4 pages of information with references please.

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Step 1
Every employee has the right to work in a respectful, inclusive work environment free of discrimination. The employee has the responsibility of carrying out the duties of their position, complying with workplace rules/regulations/policies/law, treating customers and coworkers with respect, informing the manager of discriminatory behavior, and not participating in any discriminatory behavior. By due process, the employee has the right to receive notices and the responsibility of giving notices. He can complain and be complained against. He has the right to appeal if not satisfied and can appeal if not satisfied. By duty of diligence the employee has the responsibility of acting diligently and prudently in managing the work of the company. The duty of obedience means that the employee has to ensure that he complies with all applicable laws and regulations, with all company policies, and ensures that he uses resources only for accomplishing the mission. The employee right is to receive compensation and pay taxes as appropriate. The duty of loyalty means being aware of interest policy, and acting always in the interest of the organization. Transaction for personal gain, or those where family members get benefits should be avoided. At will employment gives the employer the right to terminate employment at will and gives the employee the right to leave employment at will. When an ...

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