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Work Ethic Cases

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Select one of the two scenarios and elaborate on what you would do in that situation.

1. Your supplier in Latin America sends you two airline tickets as a token of appreciation for doing business with them. Your company does not allow employees to accept gifts over $50. It is customary in Latin America to give a gift for doing business. Your supplier would be insulted if you did not accept the gift, threatening the relationship.
2. You work for a computer parts and software distributor. Your co-worker and friend is starting up a second business installing and servicing personal computers. She asks you not to disclose any knowledge of her new business. She has been missing a great deal of work because of the startup time the new businesses requires, and the work she is missing falls on your lap. You do not want to hurt your friendship, but you do not feel it is fair the extra work falls on your lap.

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This solution discusses a scernario by which work ethics is front and center due to a gift provided by a vendor doing business with a company that does not allow employees to accept gifts over a specified dollar amount. What would you do?

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While doing the right thing or making wise decisions may present a problem for some individuals, when in doubt do the politically correct thing. Acting in an ethical manner involves being honest and sharing information with all stakeholders. Ethical behavior cannot be conducted if secrecy and dishonesty are practiced.

For example, in scenario one, a gift such as airline tickets and not one but two are obviously at a higher value than you are allowed to accept. The ...

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