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Cultural impact on organization

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1) There can be variations in Americans who are from different parts of the country. For example, the work ethic or philosophy of a person in New York City may differ from someone in a small mid-west town. What are some other ways that you have seen culture impact an organization?

2) There are certainly a wide variety of factors to consider when doing business in any other country. Research is the only way to be successful. Companies that make assumption that all cultures are the same as the United States will inevitably fail when they expand business. Understanding culture will give insight into how the employees think, work, and expectations of management and employee. For example, vacation in Europe is generally the month of August, an obvious difference from U.S. custom. What are some other differences in regards to work ethics and policies that may be change across countries?

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The solution discusses the cultural impact on organization.

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1) The societies in different in parts of the country were founded mostly by immigrant communities that learned to work hard and were rewarded based on results and work ethic. Sometimes this is called as the Protestant work ethic which was derived from Puritan and Calvinist communities that emigrated from England during the early stages of colonialism. Due to this philosophy, time is generally considered as money in U.S. Due to cultural differences, Spanish can be used dominantly in some workplaces while English is used in the rest. American culture is primarily western but also influenced by Native American, African, Asian, Polynesian and Latin ...

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