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Cultural differences

Review and reflect on the Cultural Variables

What have you learned
What were the most compelling points
Assess the impact of multi-cultural business ethics on emerging global markets

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//The paper involves the explanation and understanding of the concept of Cultural variable and the various aspects related to it. In fact, it provides the review of Cultural Variables and its impact on business ethics and on the multi-cultural global markets. The first part provides the brief introduction to the topic and what can be learned from it.//

Answer 1: Cultural Variables

The cultural variables are those that help in determining the ideas and characteristics involved behind the existence of any culture, and the way in which they can affect the communication and the way things can be carried on. In other words, cultural variables are the various dimensions that help in understanding the cultural differences between different cultures. These variables influence the behavior of an individual, and hence, the whole environment around him/her. There is a wide range of factors, which can be categorized as the cultural variables (Cultural variables, n.d).

Culture plays a very important role in every individual's day-to-day life, because it reflects and influences the way of working, not only on personal level, but on national as well international level too. There are many variables which affect a person's culture and hence, the organization he/she works in. The variables are as follows:

Religion: It covers the beliefs, values and tradition, which a person follows and that constitute the culture he/she follows or confides in.

Roles: The roles of a person played by him/her through his/her gender, financial status, occupation and designation, affect the culture and are also affected by the culture.

Time Orientation: Time orientation ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1057 words with references.