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Resilience in American Higher Education

Large-scale philanthropic contributors, who offered substantial gifts such as foundations, trusts, and estates, were necessary to higher education budgets in order to pay for salaries, services, and the construction of new buildings. This philanthropy in American higher education brought industry and religion together in what was termed the "Protestant work ethic." Discuss why this was important to wealthy entrepreneurs. Do you believe it is still important today? Has this work ethic perspective changed? What challenges do current higher education institutions face regarding funding? What are some of the possible solutions to these challenges?

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I think that one of the reasons why this was important to wealthy entrepreneurs was due to the fact that these individuals realized that it was necessary for them to have a highly educated workforce within their businesses that believed in the Protestant work ethic. These individuals were very wise in realizing that investing in higher education was actually an investment in the workforce that would ...

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The resilience in American Higher Education is provided. Why it is important to be a wealthy entrepreneurs are determined.