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"Golden Age" in American higher education

From 1945 to 1970, a new set of problems helped to transform higher education. After 1949, there was an explosion of enrollments due to governmental agencies that recognized that higher education had been proven effective, even during the war. This led to the creation of public policies at both state and federal levels.

Describe the "Golden Age" in American higher education. Then, analyze the impact of demographics and funding on higher education. Why do you think the GI Bill gained so much momentum? What are its benefits and drawbacks? How is it influential today?

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The Golden Age of American higher education coincided with the rise of the American middle class and the creation of programs for veterans of the previously fought WW2. Amidst these programs were stipends for buying homes in the suburbs, an influx of community colleges, and other transformative ventures that the U.S. government created. The creation of community colleges ...

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The "Golden Age" in American higher education are determined.