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Reconfiguring American Higher Education In The Twenty-first Century

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Using ProQuest, locate two articles about the emergence of global universities (online education). Provide a summary of your articles and the reference links. Discuss the critical findings related to two of any of the following topics:
-Demographics and student diversity
-Availability and access
-Variability of disciplines
Analyze if the research supports your perspective. Why or why not?

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Competing in the Marketspace: Incorporating Online Education into Higher Education - An Organizational Perspective Folkers, Deirdre A. Information Resources Management Journal18. 1 (Jan-Mar 2005): 61-77.

This article was focused upon how the emergence of the World Wide Web across the globe and the internet has dramatically altered the college landscape. The article highlights how although prior to Distant Education change in higher education was very slow, the new technology that has spanned the globe has resulted in a change in student demographics and availability and access to higher education within just a 10 year span. This change has resulted in the majority of higher education students now representing an older demographic of students who are typically adult learners over the age of 25. These learners want the flexibility that is available with ...

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The solution discusses reconfiguring the American higher education in the 21st century.

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