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    Major Events Influencing Higher Education

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    Can you please help me to find three major events which have influenced the development of higher education? I am working on a historical overview. Thank you.

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    I. The Colonial Period
    In the United States, the idea of an American higher education grew throughout the centuries starting in the seventeenth century and during the colonial period, colleges flourished in America. There were many reasons why the colonists built institutions for higher education. One of these is that the New England settlers who were alumni from royal British universities believed in the necessity of education. Also, the Puritans manifested an educated civil leadership. During this time, the colonists has built nine colleges colleges and seminaries. Religion also helped in the flouring of colonial colleges. Some of the popular religions established their own colleges because some schools were hostile to their members. There may be limitations to the colonial colleges but they have served their purpose of producing a literate, articulate, and responsible American citizenship composed mostly of the elites. The legacy of this event was the production of a generation of American leaders who were decisive and thoughtful and have created an enormous impact in the world.

    II. Higher Education During the World Wars/The Great Depression
    In 1914 until 1918, the education was focused on special programs for domestic effort during the WWI, special military training programs, and research leading to inventions in warfare. After World War I, college enrollments surged and public enthusiasm was back. The Great Depression event showed a phenomenon where there was an increase in college enrollments even if there was financial hardship. Many students have worked just to be able to study college at this time. The schools also initiated to search for business and industrial project ...

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