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    Character Qualities

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    "It has been suggested that "ethical conduct" be formally incorporated as a general competency requirement for any job within the organization". Read the attached article about developing and screening for "character qualities", and discuss your thoughts about the feasibility of screening for character qualities (including ethical conduct). Be sure to include what you see as possible challenges/difficulties of such screening.
    In your response, keep in mind that you should discuss screening for these attributes with job applicants, since that is the focus of this course, not on training current employees.

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    The foundation of any organization, regardless of the industry they operate in, is the ethical conduct of their employees and how the customer perceives the organization. Leaders must understand that each individual within their organization has a major impact on their ethical workplace culture based on their individual ethics. When combined, these ethics can have either a positive or negative impact on the workplace. Many organizations today have tried to implement a general competency test/requirement that is able to identify those candidates with ethical conduct or traits their looking for.

    As the unemployment rate continues to rise, the American workforce has become swamped with highly qualified applicants looking for employment. However, many organizations have implemented a screening process in order to identify those ...

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    Over 250 word response that discusses how employers can look for candidates that might possess strong or lack there of ethical qualities.