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Social influence and Juvenile Delinquency

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You are a sociologist, and you are noticing that the juveniles in your area are starting to cause legal problems and are beginning to overload the juvenile court system.

Using a sociological theory, in 1,000 words explain the theory's relation to juvenile delinquency. Describe how it relates to juveniles by explaining what the theory believes causes the juvenile problems and also explain what you could do in your position to aid in alleviating these problems. Be sure to provide references as well as citations.

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Social theory that leads to Juvenile Delinquency

Normative social influence - this is much like peer pressure. People will be influenced by others in order for positive or personal gains. For example, a person who is new to the social group wants to fit in and thus, will adopt the attitudes of the group such as wear the same style of clothing, use the same idioms etc. Often school bullying occurs as a result of normative social influence. The leader of a group may target a ...

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Normative social influence can progress to participating in delinquent behavior such as bullying, aggression etc. Often teenagers will participate in delinquent behaviors and hold attitudes of the group to win the acceptance to the group. This solution provides a discussion on this topic.