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Should Sexuality be Taught in Schools?

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Should sexuality education be taught in schools? What sexuality education program would you recommend and why?

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The expert determines if sexuality should be taught in schools.

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Should sexuality education be taught in schools?
Should sexuality education be taught in schools? What sexuality education program would you recommend and why?

Should Sexuality Education Be Taught in Schools?
It seems very important that children and adolescents learn about sexuality in order to properly progress in their human development. This is more important recently because of the large number of students participating in early sexual activity, teen pregnancies and the rapid spread of HIV and other STD's. Generally, it is thought that parents should educate their children in sexuality, but many times this may not be possible because of lack of time or training in this area. According to Daria & Campbell (2004) there is tremendous evidence that parents want sexuality education in schools. This is ...

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