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    HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs

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    HIV/AIDS is a worldwide phenomenon that has affected people in every society. The efforts to educate people about HIV/AIDS prevention can be very successful at reducing the spread of this disease. The outcome of such prevention programs is highly dependent on the culture of particular societies. Gender roles, religion, and taboos on openly discussing sexuality are among the cultural factors that influence the success or failure of these programs.

    Consider the factors that may influence the success or failure of an HIV/AIDS prevention program.

    Answer the following in 300 words or more with references:

    Select two cultures with different attitudes, beliefs, and practices related to HIV/AIDS.

    Describe the attitudes, beliefs, and practices of each.

    Predict whether or not you think an HIV/AIDS prevention program would succeed, based on the each culture's attitudes, beliefs, and practices and explain why.

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    As you select two cultures with different attitudes, beliefs, and practices related to HIV/AIDS, I first chose the Dominican Republic to assess.
    Due to the prevalence of Catholicism in this country, the traditional attitudes, beliefs, and practices toward sexuality, homosexuality and birth control, I feel like it might strongly hinder HIV/AIDS prevention program in this nation.

    This article shows how HIV is a major problem in this culture:

    Halperin, D. T., de Moya, E., Péréz-Then, E., Pappas, G., & Calleja, J. (2009). Understanding the HIV Epidemic in the Dominican Republic: A ...

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    Research is given to predict how HIV/AIDS prevention programs would fail or succeed based on culture.