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    Suzanne LaFont's Constructing Sexualities

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    How can you relate the book "Kabul in Winter" to the books "Constructing Sexualities" by Suzanne LaFont and "Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective" by Brettell & Sargent?

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    Relating the Readings

    As you compare Suzanne LaFont's Constructing Sexualities: Readings in Sexuality, Gender, and Culture, I feel that it demonstrates cultural constructions of sexualities. Like Jones' text and how life in Afghanistan is totally engendered, if you will, as well as Brettell's and Sargeant's global look at gender in the text, ...

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    This solution relates the book, "Kabul in Winter" to the books "Constructing Sexualities" and "Gender in Cross-Culture Perspective".