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Revenue Models for eBusiness

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A "revenue model" explains exactly and precisely how any business, but in particular eBusinesses, create revenue streams. It may be thought of as one component of an organization's overall business model.

Please discuss the revenue model used by one of the following: YouTube, StubHub, or Expedia.

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The revenue model used by YouTube:

YouTube purchased by Google in 2006 has over the past five years been enhancing its revenue generation model. Based mainly on online video sharing, YouTube revenue generation is mainly advertisement based where the company sells relevant search driven advertisements to go along with the videos that are viewed by customers. This is mainly in the sponsored videos column. The revenue from advertisement on YouTube is solely dependent on clicks that are made outside the video and not while the video is playing (Meisner, 2008; O'Reilly, 2011).

YouTube is also increasing its TV broadcaster partners which have boosted its revenue from advertising. The video sharing site broadcasts shows from ...

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Revenue models for eBusiness are examined.

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