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    New Product Development and Marketing - Wash n' Dry

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    I just developed a new product named Wash n'Dry which basically is an automatic process from washing to drying, more economical by intelligent wash system, direct drive system, child-lock, built in heater, low noise speed control system and Auto restart.

    I need to do the following to complete the product marketing:

    (1). What will be the distribution strategy(channel of distribution)from manufacturing to distribution?

    (2). Which of the promotional mix elements will you use?

    (3). Indicate which method(s) you will use and how much you will spend.

    (4). What are the promotional objectives?

    (5). What percent of the budget will go toward promotion?

    (6). How much for each items in your mix?

    (7). Will you do eMarketing?

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    1. What will be the distribution strategy (channel of distribution) from manufacturing to distribution?
    I will use the producer-retailer-customer channel to effectively distribute my Wash n'Dry. We will manufacture these appliances in our factory located in Chicago. This will give us a central US point to distribute. The appliances will be warehoused here as well. We will then transport our appliances to Best Buy locations throughout the US. Best Buy will be our primary retailer as we will work exclusively with them similar to the negotiation they have with Sears. Then Best Buy will get the product to the consumer.

    Another distribution strategy we could use would be producer to consumer. This would mean that we would be selling the product directly to the customer. Perhaps this could be done through direct marketing and online retailing of the new product. Face to face sales may even be ...

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