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Marketing and Economics Issues

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Discussion 1
Think about a specific brand that you use.
- Identify the branded product and discuss the brands value proposition
- Describe the brand's current marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion)
- How well does the marketing mix reflect, deliver and communicate the brands value proposition?
What changes in the marketing mix would you recommend and why?

Discussion 2
Some experts believe that due to technology changes, each generation might have basic needs, but at the end of the day, there needs for products and services are different from prvious generations.
- Explain why some might belive that each generation has similiar needs for products and services; then also explain why there are those that also dissagree with this thinking and rationale for doing so.
- How are economic factors such as recession or consumer having more money can impact the wants and needs of future generations. If future generations are met with downturn in the economy as we experienced in 2008, how will that influence their purchasing habits.

Discussion 3
- Describe the organizational structure in which you work most effectively: one where there are many specialists or few?
- What are the costs and benefits of your ideal organizational structure?
- How would you adapt the organization to ensure the disadvantages did not hinder the company's goals?

Discussion 4
- Which strategy is better, in your opinion: high-quality or low price? Explain your reasoning.
- What is your opinion of the following strategic techniques for discouraging new competitors?
- Predatory pricing
- Increasing advertising expenditures
- Approaching the government or other authority for the sole right to sell in your area

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Discussion 1 The brand that I use is Ariel detergent. The brand's value proposition is that it gives the maximum number of washes among the branded detergents. The value proposition has been supported by the low prices high quality wash, and the ability of the detergent to clean clothes in the quick wash cycle of washing machines.

The brand's current marketing mix is a can of 150 oz of Ariel costs $9.94 at Wal-Mart. Good quality detergent at reasonable prices. The product is comparable to the best liquid detergents in the market. The place is Ariel is distributed through most departmental stores and discount stores. The promotion of Ariel is advertisements that position Ariel as a deeper cleaning agent for more brilliant laundry. Its stain removing capability is highlighted.
The marketing mix, taken as a whole, delivers and communicates the brand's value proposition well. The price of $9.94 for a 150 oz can conveys the attractive price, the advertisements convey the deep penetrating action of the wash, and the alligator eating stains focuses on the stain removing capability of the wash. The changes in the marketing mix I will recommend is that the advertisements should also show the price of 150 oz can at $9.94. Many people may not know the price at which Ariel is sold.

Discussion 2: Some ...

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