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    Amazon, Internet Marketing and Need Recognition

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    During the first stage of the consumer decision-making process, the consumer recognizes a need that can be satisfied by a purchase.

    What are ways that Internet marketers are attempting to trigger consumers' recognition of needs? What are some things that Amazon.com [http://www.amazon.com/] is doing to activate need recognition?

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    In this paper, we will study Need Recognition stage, which is the first stage of the consumer buying process. The need recognition generates stimulus to purchase the products. We will also discuss internet marketers efforts to activate the need recognition of customers. This helps marketers know about customer needs and generate sales and profits.

    Need recognition is the foremost step in consumer decision-making process. The need recognition arises when a buyer lies between the actual and the desired state of purchasing a product. Under the Need Recognition stage, consumers search for the product, which will satisfy their need level. The greater distance between actual and desired behavior of customers leads to the potential need towards products. The need recognition depends upon the individual opinion of consumers. In need recognition; consumers tend to look for an opportunity in terms of superior quality, satisfactory prices and adequate quantity of products (Problem Recognition and information search).

    The marketers focus on identifying the hidden need of customers and make an effort to identify between actual and desired demand of consumers. Nowadays customers are using ...

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