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    Thesis of the Authors in Regards to the Construct Lifestyle

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    Assess the thesis of the authors in regards to the construct lifestyle. Examine the other innovations that are presented in the attached article. Explain you answer.

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    Construct Lifestyle

    Behavioural variables are the starting point to construct market segment. In the recent era, life style of people is rapidly changing due to several reasons such as increases in the number of single households, entry of women in the labour market, growth of the purchasing power of individuals, economic development, changes in the living standard, etc. This paper discusses about the consumer behaviour, lifestyle and different segmentation in the market.
    Integrating Lifestyle
    In order to describe consumer behaviour, there are various models has been introduced by marketers. According to Pizam & Mansfeld (1999), a consumer behaviour model included various key elements in the actual system such as consumer beliefs and attitudes, situational factors, purchasing behaviour and relationship between these elements. The models of consumer behaviour provide understanding of purchase behaviour and process of buying decision. The global models of consumer behaviour provide information about the cultural norms and values of the society along with the personal variables such as personality and lifestyle (). These models also help to define different market. Different companies use different model to understand the buying behaviour of consumers as per their products and services (Akwetey, 2011).
    Tourism Market
    Tourism and travelling is one of the most dynamic and popular sectors in the world. It comprises, travelling, hotels, amusements parks, island, for fun, picnic, business trips, etc. Popularity of the tourism industry is increasing as per the development of society and globalization. There are some other reasons for the development of tourism industry such as destinations, accommodations, transportations, services and activities, etc.
    A good theory of the tourist motivation must focus on the total needs of ...

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    The solution assesses the thesis of the authors in regards to the construct lifestyle.