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Common Sense

"Common sense" often comes up in this discussion thread. I think we all have some ideas about what is and is not "common sense." However, I have often found that people describe this construct very differently. I encourage anyone who is interested (and looking for a way to participate substantively), to search the UoP library for journal articles that include the term "common sense." What did the authors say about it? How was it defined and measured? How does it differ from your preconception of "common sense?" How does it differ (or does it?) from intelligence?

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According to a recent article by the Philosophy, Ethics, and Medicine Journal, common sense was studied in this article, and it is quite interesting. The title is "How clinicians make (or avoid) moral judgments of patients: implications of the evidence for relationships and research." This was written July 2010. Here are the ways in which common sense was measured. ...

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This solution discussed common sense, and how it differs from intelligence.