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    Observations regarding common sense, beliefs and science.

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    Common Sense and Science

    It is easy to make decisions based on beliefs or what one thinks is correct. It is also common to believe that something is correct because it is "common sense" or "intuitively obvious." In reality, we tend to make decisions based on erroneous thinking and sometimes confuse facts and beliefs.

    With these thoughts in mind: Answer the following QUESTIONS

    -Explain in your own word, the difference between common sense and science.
    -The connections between common sense and people's beliefs, and how this all relates to critical thinking and to being a scholar-practitioner in Clinical Psychology.
    -Include your definition of "belief perseverance" and explain how it interferes with critical thinking.
    -Share at least one strategy you would employ (or have employed) to ensure critical thinking in the presence of a personal belief system.
    -Remember to properly include APA citations in the body of your paper, conclusion and references

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    -Explain in your own word, the difference between common sense and science.
    Common sense relates to knowledge that one trusts because it is personal, generally based in some way on one's own life experiences and it is sensory in nature. Science is the system of testing a material or behavior in a controlled setting in order to understand it.

    We have a tendency to trust common sense because it is understood on a personal level. I trust the conclusion because I trust myself. Common sense also relates to knowledge on a very earthy and human level. We look at an old man holding hands or kissing a woman who is 20 or 30 years younger than he is and common sense says "He has a lot of money or power and that is why she is with him." That is not a scientific observation but it is probably accurate.

    The problem with using science to analyze beliefs is that science and specifically the scientific method is not designed for this. Science is really limited to the material world. Because the material world ...

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    This solution examines the tension between common sense, belief and science. Some people base actions on science, others on "common sense" and still others on foundational beliefs that can't necessarily be proven scientifically. What causes these differences? Over 650 words of original text.