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    A Comparison of Common Sense and Science

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    What is the difference between common sense and science, the connections between common sense and people's beliefs, and how these differences and connections relate to critical thinking and to being a scholar-practitioner in mental health counseling? Include your definition of belief perseverance and explain how it interferes with critical thinking. Share at least one strategy you would employ (or have employed) to ensure critical thinking in the presence of a personal belief system.

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    What is the difference between common sense and science?

    Jesuno (2008) assert that there is "No radical discontinuity between science and common sense...it does not mean that the two forms of knowledge do no differ, but rather, the observed 'epistemic' discontinuities between the two are based on constraints of practical contexts which the two kinds of knowledge operate" (p. 394). In other words, according to Jesunos, common sense is usually sufficient for daily life. However, the challenge that comes from science is to effect social change.

    - Connections between common sense and peoples beliefs

    When individuals are exposed to new idea that they accept, it becomes a belief. On this basis, the connection made between common sense and people' beliefs is based on the common sense philosophy that individuals have the ability to perceive ideas, truths, or principles which condition experience (Jesuno, 2008). People validate beliefs through personal experiences, cultural ...

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    This solution compares common sense and science as two forms of knowledge. It describes the connection between common sense and individuals' beliefs .