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Research from Social Psychologists

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There are times when the results of research from social psychologists differ from the widely held beliefs of people and from what some would call common sense. When the results of research and widely held beliefs and/or common sense are in conflict, social psychologists suggest that the results of their research should sway public opinion. Are they correct in that suggestion? Why or why not? [250 word count, In text citation and sources needed. Sources and Intext should not be part of the word count.] This is a personally developed question not an assignment or home work.

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Cacioppo, J. "Common Sense, Intuition, and Theory in Personality and Social Psychology." Personality and Social Psychology Review, 2004, 8(2): 114-122

No one denies that "common sense" exists. Even more, few deny that the vast majority of human beings use some variant of this in their day to day life. Social psychology, however, has often developed theories and variables that seemingly go against these deeply ingrained beliefs. The very fact that these beliefs exist and have stood the test of time is - of itself - a sort of empirical test of validity. In other words, they would not exist today if they were not in accord with the "facts."

One area of social psychology that is taken for granted is the ...

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