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    Marketing Considerations for Consumer Behaviors

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    Hi! I need assistance with the following:

    Each question should be answered in 200-300 words.

    *Please provide necessary references.

    1. What considerations do you feel a marketing manager in today's world should make in terms of consumer behavior?

    2. Break down the consumption process stages for a recent purchase or sale you've made. Describe your experience from pre-purchase to purchase and finally to post-purchase. Please describe your experience and personal feelings in detail.

    3. Describe the external and internal influences you were recently exposed to (or contributor of) in regards to a sale or purchase. Pick a specific product and describe the acquisition experience and what created your needs and desires. Explain from the aspect of the buyer or salesperson, if you were doing the selling.

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    Important Considerations for a Marketing Manager
    Consumer behaviour is interdisciplinary; that is, it is grounded on conceptions and theories about people that have been explicated by scientists in such various disciplines as psychology, sociology, social psychology, cultural anthropology and economics. In present, marketing managers of organizations need to consider various aspects in term of consumer behaviour as the study and considerations of consumer behaviour will enable marketers in understanding and predicting consumers' behaviour in the marketplace.
    In today's world, considerations like what consumer buy along with why, when, where and how they buy it is also essential for marketing managers. The analysis of all these consideration in regard to consumer behaviour will assist the marketing manager in its strategic marketing planning. In addition to this, considerations like cultural (culture, subculture and social class); social (reference groups, family, social role and status) and personal factors (age, stage in the life cycle, occupation, economic circumstances, lifestyle, personality and self-concept) are essential as these factors make a prominent impact on consumer behaviour.
    Moreover, the consideration of the four vital ...

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