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McDonalds New Service: Marketing Strategy And Tactics

Please provide brief examples of how I can approach to develop the marketing strategy and tactics for this new service which is McDonalds, and debit transactions

a. Consumer analysis
1) Demographics
2) Psychographics
3) Behaviors (e.g. purchase behaviors)
4) Geographical considerations

Thanks alot

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The question wants you to segment your market according to the list of characteristics given to you and wants you to apply the strategies used in the two examples of McDonald's and debit cards.
<br>There are some assumptions which the question makes, first it assumes that you have enough choice to make the strategy decision, for example if the location of the McDonald's has already been decided you do not have much scope for locating your service station. Second, if the contract with McDonald specifies the products which you will sell then you cannot vary your offerings according to the occasion. Thirdly, the products which have been given to you do not make strategies in so many segments as have been indicated ...