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Reusable Bag Marketing for Target

The product is reusable bags for the Target Corporation. The bags will be sold for 99 cents and when the bags are no longer usable then they can be exchanged for educational reward points.

Marketing research

a.Consumer analysis
3)Behaviors (e.g. purchase behaviors)
4)Geographical considerations

b.Industrial analysis, if applicable
1)Competitor Analysis

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Marketing research

Consumer analysis and Industrial analysis

The world is taking action against the use of plastic bags with the implementation of reusable bags. In 2007, California's, Oregon's and Washington governors passed legislation to reduce the use of plastic bags. Ireland began charging a fee for the use of the plastic bags and this fee reduced the consumption of plastic bags by 90%. Germany has followed suit. (City of Palo Alto 2008)


The demographics include the world's population, as the majority of today's businesses use plastic bags for their customers in one form or another.


Psychographics are in all forms of marketing. Target's slogan is a Red Bull's-eye. The ...

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The solution discusses market reserach for the Target Corporation.