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    Hormones in Human Sexual Motivation and Partnering

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    Can you discuss the role of hormones in sexual motivation and human partnering?

    250-300 words with scholarly references.

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    Research reveals that ovulation is one reason why men and women have problems with sexuality. According to Bullivant, Sellergren, Stern, Spencer, Jacob, Mennella et al. (2004) in particular, women's sexuality is not limited to a specific point of 'ertus' as it is with most mammals. Ovarian hormones play a major role in sexual motivation even to the point of affecting feelings of sexual desire and attractiveness. Previous research show that variations in women's sexuality and emotional well- being is due to ovarian hormones For example, as Bullivant note, many studies have identified a mid cycle in clear precise measures of ovulation that obscures the relationship between women's sexuality and the menstrual cycle. Further, the ...

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    This solution provides a discussions on the role of hormones in sexual motivation, and problems associated with feelings of sexuality among partners.