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Compare and contrast any two perspectives (theories) of motivation as they would apply to each of the following:
A.) Hunger
B.) Thirst
C.) Sexual Behavior

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There are four main categories of theory which try to explain motivation. Drive reduction theories, learned motives theories, cognitive theories, and humanistic theories.

Physiological drives, such as hunger and thirst, are based mostly on biological factors. Hunger is definitely one of the most powerful drives that humans have as food is the key to life and survival. However a psychological theory suggests that food is also comforting as we eat when we are not hungry and can be used as a coping mechanism and acts on the chemistry of our bodies the same way that an addictive drug does (Spaulding, 2009).

Drive reduction theories are based on the idea that people will seek out goals which will balance, reestablish, or maintain their survival (Drive-reduction theory psychology, 2009). A drive is an internal arousal which causes an organism to satisfy its physiological needs. Hunger, thirst and sexual needs are mechanistic because they occur without our control. We get ...

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This solution assists in a compare and contrast using any two theories of motivation as applied to: hunger, thirst and sexual behavior. References are provided in APA format.