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organizing effects or the activating effects of hormones

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Try this exercise: Hold out your right hand, place fingers together, and compare the length of your index (first) finger and ring (third) finger.

The hormone "testosterone" is linked with masculine traits.

The amount of testosterone exposed to in the womb affects finger length. The higher the testosterone exposure, the longer the ring finger.

Women's index and ring fingers are almost equal because they have been exposed to less testosterone.

If women have longer ring fingers, then they have more masculine tendencies.

In men, the ring finger is longer because they have higher testosterone levels.

If men have ring fingers equal in length to their index fingers, or shorter, they have less masculine tendencies because they have been exposed to slightly less testosterone.

Would you say this is a result of the organizing effects or the activating effects of hormones?
Please provide other examples where either the organizing effects or the activating effects show a marked physical difference between males and females? (other than the obvious primary and secondary sexual characteristics) Please provide examples

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Hormones are are evaluated in this solution. References are also provided to justify the assertions.

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1. Would you say this is a result of the organizing effects or the activating effects of hormones?

Hormones are powerful chemical substances produced by endocrine glands - chemical messengers. Hormones have 2 kinds of effects:

o Organizing Effects: prenatal sexual differentiation
o Activating Effects: triggers the changes of puberty (http://scienceray.com/biology/human-biology/prenatal-sexual-differentiation/)

The example of the length of the fingers associated with hormones world have occurred prenatally when the finders developed, so it would therefore be considered a result of organizing effects, given the basic premise is true. Does research support the ...

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