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Hormones and Anabolic Steroids

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What is a hormone?
Do you think there are dangers to taking anabolic steroids or not? Why? Do anabolic steroids have any short or long term effects in males or females?

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In this solution I define hormone and anabolic steroid. I then go on to list the short and long term effects of anabolic steroid use. I describe general effects as well as sex specific effects.

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A Hormone is a chemical messenger, usually composed of a peptide or steroid; a substance that transports a signal from one cell to others. Specific hormones are produced by one tissue type, transported in the bloodstream (or in a duct) and taken in by other cells. All multi-celled organisms produce hormones. Hormones affect such processes as metabolism and growth.

"Do you think there are dangers to taking anabolic steroids or not?" This is an opinion question to which there is no correct answer, ...

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