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Physiological Roles of Hormones

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What are the physiological roles of hormones?

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This solution discusses the physiological role of hormones.

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Problem: What are the physiological roles of hormones?

Hormones control the activity of all cells in the body. The vast number of effects produced by hormones can, however be reduced to a few general processes.

1. Hormones affect cellular synthesis and secretion of other hormones whether in endocrine glands or within neurons. Hormones affect the secretion of products of the digestive tract, such as enzymes, hydrochloric acid, and bile salts. They also affect epithelial mucus and milk synthesis and secretion as well as integumental sebum and sweat production and release. Hormones also affect the production and secretion of pheromones and other odiferous substances.

2. Hormones affect metabolic processes, both anabolic and catabolic, in most cells. The synthesis and degradation of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins are controlled by hormones to meet the ...

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