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Physical changes caused by stress, physiological responses

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What is the physiology of the response to a stressor? What do the hormones do? What are the physiological affects of stress on the body?

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The solution discusses the physical changes caused by stress, and physiological responses like the fight or flight response.

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Physiology of the Stress Response

A stimulus perceived to be a threat will generate a physiological response in the individual. The response consists of a biochemically-regulated set of physiological changes that involve several organ systems and chemical reactions in the human body.

The physiological changes contribute to the re-establishment and maintenance of normal metabolism and homeostasis. Stress responses are associated with the actions of the nervous and endocrine system (these are coordinated by the hypothalamus). Some physiological changes occur quickly and are short lived while others are slower and more prolonged.

The hypothalamus is effective at coordinating the stress response as it receives information from different areas of the brain and ...

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